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My experience with Attorney Gilbert Sperling III was the best interaction I’ve ever had with any lawyer! Attorney Sperling is very knowledgeable about the law and his office staff was awesome as well. I liked his personal approach and honesty when dealing with my case. He kept a genuine concern about my case even though he had other clients. He kept me informed and ALWAYS kept my best interest in mind. If you want a lawyer that is honest and knowledgeable about the laws of our state this is the man you want representing you! He is worth every dollar! Thanks Attorney Sperling for treating me with dignity and compassion and respect.
George Walker

I hired Mr Gilbert Sperling to represent my son in a case back in 2020. We live in Florida but my son got in trouble in Clayton county Georgia and I didn't know what to do or who to call. I googled lawyers in that area and Mr Gilbert Sperling was the first one that popped up so I gave him a call no knowing what to expect. He responded to my email in a very timely manner and was very informative. Super nice guy and he shows compassion for his clients as he knows not all people are bad as the courts want everyone to believe.

Mr Sperling communicated and explained all proceedings as I could not be in court with my son to hear what the judge said.

All in all, from the time I called Mr Sperling to the time my son was finally released, it was only a few months.

I highly recommend Mr Gilbert Sperling for exceptional legal representation.

Beth Breedlove
I have used Attorney Gilbert Sperling III's legal services on multiple occasions. He is dependable, knowledgeable, and personable. Whatever the matter is, he will pursue it and passionately work in your best interest until you are satisfied. Attorney Gilbert's compassion for his clients is beyond reproach. It is comforting having an attorney you can discuss anything with and not feel judged, instead he is supportive. If you need legal expertise, I recommend him being the first call you make.
Kaila Richards
Attorney Sperling got right on my case and answered all and any questions that I had. He made sure that I understood the process and he was very thorough. I’m very thankful! I highly recommend him. He’s a great attorney!
Nakeisha L Grimsley
Attorney Gilbert Sperling is one of the best in Atlanta. He came at a critical time during my case when I felt like giving up. Previous to hiring Mr. Sperling my family hired another attorney that did absolutely Nothing but take my family money. Attorney Sperling re-evaluate my case and let’s just say, I’m home and doing better than ever. Having Gil as my attorney was a blessing and I can’t thank him enough for caring enough to help me as his client.
Quentin Smith
Extremely prompt and enthusiastic about his clients and their issues. During my hearing Atty Gil was precise questioning witnesses and the opposing side. He made me feel very comfortable, at ease placing my full trust in his judgment. No better attorney to have in your corner than Atty Gilbert Sperling.
Peter Lewis

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Looking for a caring, professional attorney- you’ve found him with Attorney Gilbert Sperling. I 100% recommend him!! From day 1, he was a great listener- showed compassion and dedication in helping my son with his case. He was very detailed and patient with us through every step. He explained every step of the court proceedings clearly and accurately. After a few short months, he was able to get all charges dismissed and my sons record is clean! Thanks Attorney Sperling! You are amazing..
Mo Morrow
Attorney Gilbert Sperling was excellent in handling my sons case. He exhibited professionalism and was very compassionate and understanding. A very knowledgeable Attorney who represented for the young adult black male. He stood through the fire as a family member would and fought for my sons rights within his power. His representation super exceeds him. I couldn't have chosen a better attorney. The outcome was a blessing for us. Thank you Attorney Sperling for walking through the fire with us. I definitely recommend him as a powerful lawyer that won't give up on his client.
Niki Reese
This young man is brilliant, and he has a great understanding of the law. I called Attorney Gilbert at the last minute, and he did not panic. He made me feel as if I was the only client he had. We went to court on 06/17/2020 and he done in two months, what I have been trying to get other Attorneys to do for the past few years. If you are in Georgia, and in need of an Attorney who really cares about your outcome, I think it would be a great idea to give Mr. Sperling a call. Thank you once again Mr. Sperling!
Devo Joe (Devo)
Mr. Sperling was the fifth lawyer I spoke with about my daughter’s case and by far the most informative. He’s kind and extremely helpful. He took the time to research the case, answer all of my questions and inform me of the best course of action. I am soooo grateful for speaking to a knowledgeable person that showed concern and care-instead of being all about the money. Thank you Mr. Sperling, I really really appreciate you. I would absolutely refer you to anyone that’s looking for an honest and respectable lawyer. Keep up the great work, you deserve the best in life!!!
Y Allen
Attorney Sperling is amazing. Very attentive and he works hard for his clients. During court today, he was able to give my family amazing news. Contact him before contacting any other attorney. He will work hard for you and your family.
Trice S
Gilbert is a very knowledgeable and great attorney. He kept my family informed every step of the way and was upfront with what to expect and what challenges we would be facing. He was able to get a number of very serious felony charges thrown out and no jail time. Gilbert is very trustworthy and the best lawyer anyone can have. I highly recommend him.
shae tucker