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Most car accidents are minor and do not result in injuries that require serious downtime. However, head-on collisions are a different thing altogether. Usually, head-on collisions not only cause extensive damage to the vehicles involved but also lead to serious injuries to the car occupants.

If you have been injured in a head-on collision in Union City, you should immediately engage the services of an experienced Union City head-on collision lawyer such as Attorney Gil.

Attorney Gil has represented several clients who have been victims of head-on collisions and have helped them recover fair financial compensation for the injuries suffered.

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Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions may happen for a variety of reasons and no two collisions are the same. Here are a few common causes of head-on collisions:

Most head-on collisions happen when one of the drivers is distracted due to various reasons. It could be due to being engaged in the use of a cell phone or driving when their judgment is impaired due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Sometimes, weather conditions also play a role in causing head-on collisions.

Injuries Caused by Head-On Collisions

It is estimated that head-on collisions form only 2% of all motor accidents in the country but they account for around 10% of fatalities in car accidents.

Head-on accidents are much more dangerous as compared to other accidents due to their very nature. Here is a list of some of the most common types of injuries caused by head-on collisions

  • Traumatic brain injuries can include:
    • Memory loss
    • Insomnia
    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones

Traumatic brain injury from head-on collision

Damages You Can Receive through a Head-On Collision Claim in Georgia

There are 3 types of damages that can be recovered in a head-on collision claim in the state of Georgia.


The economic damages category includes quantifiable elements such as medical bills, medical expenses, vehicle repair/replacement costs, loss of wages, and other such tangible things.


Noneconomic damages include damages for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of affection, and other such elements.


There is no limit on the amount of compensation for damages that can be recovered. However, the punitive damages are limited to $250,000.

Georgia is an at-fault state or a modified comparative negligence state. In order to be eligible for recovering compensation, one needs to prove that the other party is at fault which is measured in percentages by the judge or jury.

If a party is found to be 50% or more at fault, they are not allowed to recover damages. Also, the damages awarded to the winning party are reduced by the percentage of their fault.

A head on collision where someone needs to call a Union City Head-On Collision Lawyer

Why You Need an Attorney for a Head-On Collision Claim?

When you get into a head-on collision where the other party is at fault, you are going to seek compensation from the auto insurance of the other driver. You will have to pursue an insurance claim against the insurance company of the other driver.

Since most such claims are settled out of court, the insurance company may agree to your demand and pay out the damages. With that said, you should know that insurance companies work for their own benefit only. You cannot rely on them to get fair compensation for your injuries.

Having an experienced Union City head-on collision lawyer by your side will help you win the maximum possible amount. Experienced attorneys such as Attorney Gil have experience with hundreds of such cases.

They deal with insurance companies on a regular basis and know the common tactics used by insurance adjusters to minimize their own payouts.

In certain cases, you might need to sue for damages in case the at-fault party lacks insurance or they are underinsured. Also, the insurance company of the at-fault driver might refuse to pay out. In such cases, your attorney will do the required legwork to help you win financial compensation.

How Much Will an Attorney Cost?

Attorney Gil works on a contingency fee basis. It simply means that you do not need to pay anything out of your own pocket.

Many people have this misconception that attorneys are expensive and this is why they simply agree to the settlement deal offered by the at-fault insurance company without checking with a lawyer first.

You should not make this mistake. You will not have to pay anything to engage the services of Attorney Gil.

We will get paid only if we are able to get you compensation for your injuries. If you do not win anything, you do not need to pay anything.

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How Long Do You Have To File a Claim for a Head-On Collision in Georgia?

Like all other personal injury cases, there is a statute of limitations in the state of Georgia when it comes to head-on collisions or other motor vehicle accidents. As a victim of a motor vehicle head-on collision, you can file a claim against the at-fault driver up to 2 years after the incident.

It is extremely important to understand that you may not be able to get any compensation if you are not able to file your claim within this deadline.

Two years is not a long time, especially if you are recovering from serious injuries. Even if you are negotiating with the insurance company of the at-fault driver, you will still be barred from seeking any compensation in case two years have passed since the date of the accident.

Other Types of Car Accidents We Handle

Our lawyers are more than familiar with car accidents, and here are just a few main types we have dealt with in the past.

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Overall, head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accident as the probability of life-threatening injuries is much higher in case of head-on collisions.

Attorney Gil has several years of experience in representing victims of head-on collisions and motor vehicle accidents in Union City. We have helped many victims recover fair financial compensation for their injuries in such cases.

We know the delaying tactics used by insurance companies. The Law Offices of Gilbert Sperling, III will fight for your rights and partially at-fault driver and their insurance company to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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